ViewSeven: ‘A Sense of Place’ Exhibition @ The Menier Gallery NEXT week

ViewSeven: "A Sense of Place" exhibition next week 5-9December at The Menier Gallery, London

ViewSeven is a group of artists dedicated to the making of art textiles. This exhibition explores responses to different environments and landscapes, and encompasses a wide range of media from raw earth pigments, plant dyes and fibre reactive dyes, with stitch being ever present.

Whilst the works are textile based, this simply means that the starting point is a piece of cloth and in that respect, the work is no different to that of a painter whose starting point is canvas – a piece of cloth. Art textiles are also great for interiors as their softness absorbs sound and provide a gentler feel to the harder, reflective qualities of framed work. Ultimately, ViewSeven’s shared aim is to create great art for contemporary living – art people can live with and enjoy.


ViewSeven Gen Einvite 2017_C2C2.jpeg